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Pushing zero-trust strategies forward

Symmetrium’s VMDs use custom end-to-end encrypted streaming to allow authorized remote users to access data within an organization’s network using their own device. This view-only data never leaves the protection of the enterprise network allowing organizations to meet the unique security challenges involved in remote mobile collaboration.


Identify and authenticate

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Force biometric login
  • Integration with IDP

Least privilege access

User-group-based, VMD policies -access rules (geo, network etc.) & application management


Assume breach

Secures the endpoint, server and network levels – with continuous vmd monitoring and no data at rest



Mobile access segmented into subnets, allowing fine-grain control and visibility on network access


Visibility and monitoring

Achieved in unison with advanced archiving, monitoring and security automation feature

*Guidelines for implementing the principles of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) by National Institute
of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce

Modern workers often use their own mobile devices at the office, at home or on the move. These personal devices are highly difficult for organizations to manage and ensure adherence to security policies. This is especially so since most employees are reluctant to install corporate software on personal devices and do not want their privacy compromised.

Symmetrium creates virtual devices within the organization’s own IT environment to become an extension of all organizational security and compliance policies. These virtual devices are then streamed to end-users via a secure application within the organizational network, using end-to-end encrypted streaming. The result is there is no need for a device security check because no data ever comes to rest on the user’s actual device.

Symmetrium also eliminates the need for patch management, depending on the end user, or forced operating system updates, that reduce the productivity of the employee.  All updates are performed directly to the VMD.

Data governance and regulatory requirements are a minefield in the modern, complex hybrid work environment. The main GRC requirements for data on mobile devices include:

  1. Data encryption
  2. Access control 
  3. Data loss prevention
  4. Device management 
  5. Patch management 
  6. Data backup recovery 
  7. User training

These increase the costs to the organization, complicates the management of devices and can interfere with usage, making employees, at times, less productive. 

With strict compliance requirements forbidding data to reside outside the security of the corporate network, and an ever-growing risk of data breaches in the remote work environment, existing UEM solutions are failing to offer the necessary protection for organizations. 

When data is accessed via Symmetrium’s virtual devices, it remains protected within the organization’s own IT environment, never comes to rest on the user’s device, and is only viewable using end-to-end encrypted streaming. The data is only accessible when it is required and never leaves that highly secure IT environment, ensuring all compliance requirements are automatically maintained. 

If a device is lost there is no need for device wiping, as access to the VMD can be closed until the device is found or a new replacement is purchased.

Today’s organizations rely on complex, zero-trust hybrid work environments, with users accessing sensitive data from multiple locations and devices. Existing UEM solutions lack the flexibility and low-resource approach to effectively manage the high volumes of end points needed in these environments to keep data secure and compliant. 

Symmetrium’s zero-trust mobile access solution solves this by turning any mobile device, managed or unmanaged, into an extension of an organization’s compliance and security protocols. Users access data via virtual devices that sit protected inside the organization’s IT environment. Each mobile user is therefore treated as an on-prem laptop, allowing for minimum-resources mobile management via a central console for all devices, OS and brands.  

Symmetrium is also the optimal data loss prevention solution, as users cannot copy and paste data between the VMDs and physical device. A screenshot and screen recording policy can also be implemented to block the option and create an alert that includes the captured data. Users also have no option to forward files between the env and having no data at rest is always critical for robust data protection. Onboarding and offboarding is fully managed and Just-in-Time access can create specific windows of time and locations where users can access data. Once these windows close or a user leaves a location, then access is no longer available. 

Users sessions can be audited and user identity can be verified before access to the data is allowed based on an authentication policy, to further secure data. 

Reliance on third-party vendors has become a major security vulnerability for organizations. Once these third-party users are granted permission to enter a corporate network, the data they access using their mobile device sits on that device, no matter the UEM or data protection solution used. Having sensitive data at rest on third-party devices, no matter for how long, is a security and regulatory minefield. Symmetrium achieves this by turning any mobile device, managed or unmanaged, into a virtual extension of an organization’s network, with all its compliance, security, and IT. 

Symmetrium is a zero-trust data protection solution designed to keep data private and protected, no matter who is granted permission to access it. Virtual devices that reside within the organization’s own IT environment are set up to become an extension of all organizational security and compliance policies. These virtual devices are then remotely accessed by end users via the organizational network, using end-to-end encrypted streaming, with no data ever coming to rest on the user’s actual device. 

The benefits for third-party vendors include:

  • Seamless offboarding/onboarding 
  • No data on third-party device 
  • Availability, even if another company manages the physical device. 
  • Managed access to VMDs only when required based on time frames, location and SSID.

Employees using third-party messaging applications to share sensitive data pose a significant compliance risk for organizations in highly regulated sectors. Even if companies have clear policies and procedures, enforcing these is highly problematic due to employees’ right to privacy and a lack of alternatives to messaging platforms with which to quickly share information. This is exposing organizations to billions of dollars in fines from regulatory authorities, and authorities are demanding better regulatory enforcement.

Symmetrium provides organizations and their employees with secure corporate instant messaging, which supports all popular applications, such as WhatsApp or Telegram. A virtual number is assigned to each virtual mobile device, separating private from work-related communications. It also allows for the archiving and monitoring of all work-related communications, to ensure a record of all communications is maintained for auditing requirements to meet the highest of regulatory standards. And all of that, with zero compromises on user privacy. 

Managing verified, secured and compliant devices to maintain the integrity of their zero trust environment is highly complex and resource intensive. For most organizations even onboarding and offboarding these devices is simply too time-consuming and a drain on productivity.

Symmetrium solves this management conundrum with its low-resources solution that easily maintains the organization’s security posture. The use of VMDs at the heart of the solution guarantees all mobile devices instantly become a virtual extension of all existing compliance, safety and IT, delivering a native experience, seamless deployment and easy maintenance routines such as patch management and OS upgrades, without any action required by the user. 

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