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Your enterprise can be virtually anywhere. Your data stays risk-free.

Turn any mobile device into a zero-trust virtual extension of the enterprise, inheriting all its compliance, security and IT protocols.


Collaborate with anyone, anywhere with no data at rest.

Symmetrium is a zero-trust, mobile data governance and security platform designed to keep no data at risk by allowing non data at rest.

We drive secure & compliant enterprise mobility while delivering users a completely native mobile access solution that can be quickly and easily deployed.


Your Risk Management

GRC doesn’t have to slow down collaboration

    • Compliance, security and complete privacy are guaranteed by design
    • Check mobile data access off your risk assessment list – for managed and unmanaged devices
    • Native mobile user experience with seamless deployment and management

Your Security

Bring Your Own Device:
the zero-trust approach

    • Custom, optimized end-to-end encrypted streaming
    • No data at rest means no data at risk, so you can stop worrying about securing devices
    • Secure valuable and highly sensitive data, without compromising user productivity and privacy

Your IT

Minimum-resources mobile management

    • Central management console for all devices, OS and brands
    • Integrated smoothly into existing security and GRC data access protocols
    • Easiest onboard/off-board from any mobile device

We want to pick your brains

If you have a challenge deploying secure and compliant mobile data access solutions,
we’d love to hear about it, and then relieve you from it.

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We’re proud to be the ones making TPRO, CISO, IT and vendors - happy

by ramping up zero-trust mobile access.