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Symmetrium is the First Mobile Security Solution to Control Mobile Access and Web Filtering at the IP Layer


Symmetrium Team

| July 10, 2024

TEL AVIV Israel, July 10, 2024 — Symmetrium, the zero-trust, mobile data governance, and security platform, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first mobile  security solution to control mobile access and web filtering using IP addresses, without the need for complex management configuration using VPNs.

Symmetrium’s unique approach uses Virtual Mobile Devices (VMDs), with static IP addresses, that reside within the security of the corporate network. When a mobile device accesses the corporate network using Symmetrium, the static IP address of the VMD attaches to the device, instead of the dynamic IP provided by the mobile carrier. This dramatically simplifies the challenge of managing mobile access to the corporate network environment, allowing CISOs and IT Leaders to restrict access to a small set of static addresses. 

Symmetrium’s Web Filtering also focuses on the IP Layer, enabling security teams to both block and allow access to specific websites. This allows for the full separation of work-related and personal online activity, maintaining full employee privacy for non-corporate online activities. This is unlike current VPN and DNS solutions, which capture all website activity of users, raising concerns regarding employee privacy particularly in a BYOD environment. 

“We are the first solution to allow the control of mobile access and web filtering through a static IP, without the need for the complex management and configuration of a VPN,” says Omer Cohen, founder and CEO of Symmetrium. “Securing mobile access at the IP Layer is part of the Symmetrium Mobile Zero Trust Approach, which implements least-privilege access by granting users and devices and their networks the minimum level of permissions necessary to perform their tasks.”

Symmetrium’s seamless, completely native mobile experience ensures sensitive data is accessed virtually and therefore never comes on the user’s actual device. The result is a reduced attack surface to ensure that data remains secure and is never put at risk.


About Symmetrium

Symmetrium is a zero-trust, mobile data governance and security platform designed to turn any mobile device into a virtual extension of the enterprise, inheriting all its compliance, security and IT protocols. Symmetrium keeps no data at risk by allowing no data at rest, all while delivering users a completely native mobile access solution that can be quickly and easily deployed.


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Roni Dagan


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