Symmetrium Supports Deployment Across 5G Networks

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Every mobile device
can be virtually on-prem


Mobile workspaces have evolved

Interacting with numerous systems, networks and shared data, requiring continuous monitoring and complete, isolated control.
Symmetrium’s zero-trust mobile access provides a multidimensional solution covering all aspects of the mobile identity-management, security, data protection, collaboration and communications.

Simple and sophisticated mobile data access

Symmetrium’s servers reside within the organization’s own IT environment to become a virtual extension of all existing compliance, safety and IT protocols. They can be deployed fully on-prem or in the cloud, depending on the organization’s preferences. Custom P2P encrypted streaming, supported by custom authentication and authorization protocols, means no data at rest, for everyone, with each mobile user treated as an on-prem laptop.

Advanced management over when and where users access data is enabled by the Symmetrium control panel. The result is a far easier life for CIOs and IT departments thanks to the simple yet sophisticated management of zero-trust security mobile environments.

Pushing zero-trust strategies forward

Stop worrying about securing devices and users. Focusing on protecting
your data will enable you to start managing the unmanaged

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No data at rest means
no data at risk

Allowing organizations to meet the unique security challenges involved in remote mobile collaboration.

  • BYOD Programs
  • Mobile data governance, regulation and compliance
  • Zero trust environments for hight confidential data
  • Third-party and supply chain risk management
  • Instant messaging communications and archives
  • Corporate owned device security posture inheritance
Financial Institutes

This is how you can stop worrying about securing devices and start managing the unmanaged

Your IT
  • Single pane of glass for device
& user management
  • One click onboarding / offboarding
  • OS agnostic
Your Security
  • Advanced MFA and force biometric login protocols, integrated with IDP
  • Wifi / geo-loaction access policies
  • User-group based VMD policies and application management
Your data
  • Full login and activity archiving
  • Secure, compliant & private instant messaging
  • Security automation SIEM integration, alerts and actions


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