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Symmetrium’s Launches Instant Messaging (IM) and SMS Data Protection Solution to Eliminate Corporate Security and Compliance Risks


Symmetrium Team

| November 09, 2023

TEL AVIV Israel, November 8, 2023 — Symmetrium, the zero-trust, mobile data governance, and security platform designed to turn any mobile device into a virtual extension of the enterprise, inheriting all its compliance, security and IT protocols, has unveiled its Instant messaging (IM) and SMS data protection solution, which eliminates the corporate security and compliance risks associated with IM usage by employees.

With messaging apps now part of daily life in many workplaces, Hackers can exploit their vulnerabilities and use phishing texts to infiltrate data systems, increasing the risk of ransomware and other cyberattacks.

By integrating with existing email security tools Symmetrium’s new IM and SMS solution enables organizations to instantly protect against these security threats by deploying virtual mobile devices within the organization’s network that provide users with dedicated work mobile numbers (which act as unique identifiers) without the need for dedicated devices. This ensures protection against SMS phishing (Smishing), preventing fraud and fraudulent links by scanning every message and integrating with existing email security tools before delivery to end users.

Symmetrium also mitigates compliance risks by capturing and storing all work-related messaging, instantly creating an agentless IM and SMS archive. This allows organizations to constantly meet regulatory data requirements imposed on their sector.

“The rapid rise of corporate IM and SMS usage has made it far more challenging for businesses to ensure corporate IT security and preserve electronic communications for regulatory purposes,” says Omer Cohen, founder and CEO of Symmetrium. “We solve these two challenges by delivering a native mobile experience for end users while allowing organizations to deploy a minimal resource allocation solution, which eliminates the need for costly device management solutions.”

When Symmetrium’s VMDs are accessed by employees using their mobile phones, they act as extensions of all organizational security and compliance policies using end-to-end encrypted streaming. The result is a completely secure but native mobile experience with seamless deployment and management.


About Symmetrium

Symmetrium is a zero-trust, mobile data governance and security platform designed to turn any mobile device into a virtual extension of the enterprise, inheriting all its compliance, security and IT protocols. Symmetrium keeps no data at risk by allowing no data at rest, all while delivering users a completely native mobile access solution that can be quickly and easily deployed.


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