Symmetrium Supports Deployment Across 5G Networks

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Zero-trust mobile access with no data at rest

Turn any mobile device into a virtual extension of the enterprise, inheriting all its compliance, security and IT protocols.


Every mobile device can be virtually on-prem

Symmetrium delivers a flexible, scalable and easy-to-manage virtual mobile device (VMD) platform, hosted within the enterprise network, to enable secure remote access to a fully native and customizable mobile workspace, while dramatically minimizing the risk of data breaches.

Information is securely shared through the VMDs onto external devices, using low-latency encrypted streaming, supported by strict authentication and authorization protocols. The result is that no data ever leaves the security confines of the network.


No Data at rest

End-to-end encrypted streaming maximizes productivity, and minimizes risk

On-board instantly, scale seamlessly

An OS agnostic, complete remote workspace is one click away

Minimize risk for any device

A zero-trust environment regardless of if, how and by whom, a mobile device is managed

Manage the unmanaged

With GRC & Security features such as Enterprise Instant Messaging and Geo-fencing

The experience users deserve

Completely private and native - from install, authentication and onto productive operations

Check data protection off your list

Mobile fleet security patches and updates made easy with one click deployment

Pushing zero-trust strategies forward

Symmetrium’s VMDs provide the only true zero-trust approach, because it ensures “no data at rest” outside of the enterprise network. It then focuses on continuously identifying and authenticating users and devices, validating policies and protocols while allowing full visibility and control.


High on security, low on TCO

Organizations can achieve the most vigorous mobile data security, governance, regulation and compliance, using Symmetrium, while incurring the lightest impact on their IT systems and resources.

No data at rest means
no data at risk

Allowing organizations to meet the unique security challenges involved in remote mobile collaboration.

  • BYOD Programs
  • Mobile data governance, regulation and compliance
  • Zero trust environments for highly confidential data
  • Third-party and supply chain risk management
  • Instant messaging communications and archive
  • Corporate-owned-device security posture inheritance
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We are Symmetrium

Backed and funded by cyber-security industry leaders and headquartered in Tel Aviv, we’ve made it our mission to bring over 25 years of experience in Network, Mobile Security, and Large-scale Cloud Architectures, to offer a simple solution to a unique complex problem.

Our no data at rest approach empowers all enterprises with sensitive and private data at their core to expand mobile access privileges for improved productivity and minimized risk.



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